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Below is a brief insight into some of the reasons people come the therapy, however if you would like support with something else that isn't listed, please send us a message and we will talk it through with you and get you booked in if needed.

Counselling for individuals is done in 50 minute sessions, where we focus on you, the idea is for you to have the time and support to explore and understand how you are feeling and then develop ways for coping and overcoming. Counselling is not a magic cure, but will help you move forward with you life 


Like individual counselling, couples counselling is done in 50 minute session, and the aim is the same, we create a environment for you both to explore how you feel and understand why we do what we do, in order to spark change. Couples counselling is hugely beneficial in both positive and negative relationships, so there dosnt need to be somthing wrong for you to see us.


Addiction, is a huge topic to cover and mostly all addictions can be overcome, so whether it is alcohol or food, we are able to support you with overcoming this, once again if you have a addiction it is always advisable to seek support from your Doctor, especially if it is regarding substances. We offer our support in complete confidence and without judgment.


Depression, is one of the most common and difficult mental health conditions, and we always recommend you consult your Doctor before engaging in therapy. Counselling is a proven tool against depression, and we are able to help you deal with, and prevent depression. Like most things this can take time and as a guide we recommend around 5 - 8 sessions.


Anxiety is another very common problem people face, whether its a new things or if you have suffered most of your life, it is beatable, we are able to use various diffrent methods in order to help you overcome this, all you need to do is turn up and be willing to try.


We live in a world which is becoming more and more stressful and difficult to cope with, so whether you have work stress, home stress or even exam stress, we are able to help. We use a variety of different coping strategy's to help you deal with the huge variety of stressors, so you don't need to live with it, beat it


Charges are based on 50 minute session.

individual  - £35

Couples - £45

If you would like to book click the button below and send us a message and we will get you booked in within a week.