• BCS Mental Health Service

Interview with our Director, Toby

With the start of the new year, and the launch of our new Blog we decided to ask our owner/director, Toby a few questions.

Q1 – Why did you become a counsellor?

Toby – Well, that’s long storey, but the quickest and easiest way to answer it, is not only to help people, which is the most generic answer. But I also do this because it makes me feel good. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, and taken wrong turns, but essentially, I just wanted to help people who feel lost, like I did. Just for the record, best thing I ever did!

Q2 – Why Barry, South Wales ?

Toby – Easy! it’s always 30 degrees in the shade. No seriously when I moved to Wales as a young boy, I moved further into wales, and being English I didn’t have the easiest time. Eventually my mum opened a shop on the high street in Barry, and I started to spend more time here, and over time I felt more at home and accepted, I fell in love. It truly is a beautiful place full of amazing people.

Q3 – Do you have a family?

Toby – I don’t want to over disclose, but I have a wife and 2 children, who are incredible, and have supported me on this journey.

Q4 – Why BCS Mental Health Service?

Toby – Those who know me, will know when I graduated, I stared a practice called Barry counselling service. This is where it all begun, and as a reminder of this, we kept the letters BCS. The practice has grown and grown over the years, with more and more team members coming on board, and we are offering more than just counselling, so we decided to take up the title of BCS Mental health service. As this better describes what we do.

Q5 – What was your New Year’s resolution?

Toby – To be more organised (laughter), although I’m getting better, I run on passion, and a downside to this is, I can be so unorganised, I almost missed this meeting.

Q6 – What’s your guilty pleasure?

Toby – Cinnamon Buns, the BBC good food recipe, as it has now been banned from our house. I will eat every single one in one sitting.

Q7 – What’s next for you and BCS Mental Health Service

Toby – 2020 is going to be our biggest year yet, we have just moved into our new offices, and are launching lots of exciting and mentally stimulating events, like support groups, gong baths and even Tai Chi. All of this is to try and support people in a variety of ways. As someone once said, there is no point having a toolbox of 10ml spanners. As at some point you will need a 13ml. With more and more counsellors coming on board, we can offer counselling to more people. With no waiting lists, or stress. Including our recent growth into the valleys. We enable people to start therapy TODAY. We have so much more to come this year and in the future so watch this space.