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How does Hypnotherapy work online?

Hello! I’m James, a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with BCS Mental Health Services. Normally you’d be able to book in to see me at one of our offices: in Barry, Pontypridd or Pentyrch… but at the moment, of course, we can’t meet together physically.

Does that mean that we can’t have a hypnotherapy session?


Online Hypnotherapy is just as effective as meeting face to face. You get to stay in the comfort of your own home and we get together using a programme called ‘Zoom’. Zoom is like Skype, but you don’t need an account, it’s secure and more stable too.

What happens in an online Hypnotherapy session?

Well, it’s pretty much like it would be face to face. In the first session we will be able to have a chat about the challenges you’re facing, we’ll take a look at how the brain works, why you’re feeling like you do and how hypnotherapy can help. I will give you a FREE relaxation MP3 to start the process working (and to get you used to the sound of my voice) . In subsequent sessions we will spend a bit of time talking: identifying your goals, looking at the ways you’ve already started to make changes and then we’ll move on to the Hypnotherapy section.

How do you do the ‘Hypno’ bit online?

It’s simple, I’ll send you a piece of music to play at your end (from your phone, laptop etc) and I’ll speak from my end. The reason I send the music through is to make sure you can hear my voice clearly and the music won’t distort, which it sometimes does when it comes across Zoom.

I’d like to find out more…!

Great! Simply send a message on Facebook : @bcsmentalhealthservice or contact us through the website – I look forward to working with you soon!